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With different students requiring unique and ever-changing technologies, universities need adaptable education IT solutions that still hold safety and speed as their top priority.

3 Key Services to Improve your Tech

Step 1. Smart Moves. Smart Tech.

  • Opportunities & Challenges

    As communication technology continues to develop, universities experience constant demand to evolve by exposing students to the most recent technology innovation. Dynamic integration and scalability is required to meet the growing needs of students and faculty in a digital age of learning. The right education IT solutions promote a better experience while securely delivering the right services to both the students and staff.

  • Your CNI Solution

    With a needs assessment, we’ll evaluate your network, assist with data governance, and help build security architecture planning. As your technology partner, we will help to provide sound education IT solutions that adapt to the requirements of your university or school. We will evaluate where you are today and help plan for your future.

Step 2. Security and Safety

  • Opportunities & Challenges

    Cyber security incidents are a growing threat. It is not just a matter of if your network will be threatened, but when. Between bots and hackers, keeping confidential information safe and your network protected with appropriate education IT solutions is essential for universities and educators everywhere.

  • Your CNI Solution

    New security measures and strategic approaches are needed to reduce this risk. CNI’s approach to cyber security enables you to build a sustainable, risk-centric foundation for implementing proactive security programs. CNI stays with you all the way, delivering the optimal education IT solutions to keep your network safe.

Step 3. Integration and Infrastructure

  • Opportunities & Challenges

    The push for technology integration and innovative classrooms is pervasive. Universities are facing a difficult challenge to meet the growing demand on their networks. Each new year brings students who are increasingly more reliant on technology in both the classroom and dorm room. They bring an ever growing amount of network-connected devices onto the campus. To meet new demand, you need access to the right education IT solutions.

  • Your CNI Solution

    Today’s mobility infrastructure can grant network access to anyone by providing the highest level of security and privacy. CNI will help you find education IT solutions to meet this growing need in the campus environment. We will provide a secure infrastructure that can accommodate any number of users, devices, and apps to ensure the best experience.

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