Garland Technology recently partnered with ExtraHop, a leader in real-time IT Analytics, which gives IT Operations, Network, and Security teams comprehensive visibility across everything from network performance to website user experience.

The Garland and ExtraHop platform partnership provides 100% network visibility with an end-to-end infrastructure that eliminates network blind spots. Garland’s network TAPs and packet brokers tap at the live wire for 100% packet capture. By securing the data at the physical layer through reliable network TAPs, the ExtraHop platform provides real-time application visibility to monitor, protect, block, and analyze traffic in real time, all the time.

Implement a Scalable and Reliable Data Monitoring Solution

Scalable network TAPs and packet brokers enable future network growth, from 1G/10G today to 25G/40G/100G tomorrow, with the most reliable data capture available. Purpose-built network packet brokers filter, aggregate, and load balance to one or many monitoring ports.

Complete Visibility

Real-time Data Capture Starts with the Foundation of Visibility

Upon receiving a copy of network traffic from Garland, the stream processor performs line-rate decryption, protocol decoding, and full-stream reassembly for every transaction, up to a sustained 40 Gbps. The result: Customers get deeper and more meaningful insight at a fraction of the cost compared to other real-time analytics solutions.

Foundation of visibility

This solution delivers data-driven, real-time application (L2-L7) network monitoring and security solutions based on wire data, and guarantee no dropped or distorted packets as well as accurate relationships of frames, spacing, and response times with Garland’s passive fiber TAPs and network packet brokers.

This blog was originally published on Garland Technology’s websiteIt has been used here with permission from the provider.