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Healthcare is an ever-evolving landscape requiring top-of-the-line healthcare IT solutions with layered security, lightning efficiency, and strategic infrastructure.

3 Key Services to Improve your Tech

Step 1. Smart Moves. Smart Tech.

  • Opportunities & Challenges

    There’s no question that the technology in healthcare systems will continue to evolve. The healthcare industry requires data transfer in real time, distributed to doctors and systems. In addition to ever-changing tech, the healthcare landscape continues to transform with ongoing mergers and acquisitions. There is always a need for healthcare IT solutions that keep all data current and secure while understanding where critical information gets distributed – and who has access.

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    We know the importance of strategic network connectivity and communication. We will help you build sound healthcare IT solutions that adapt with the needs of your growing healthcare organization now and in the future. Beginning with our needs assessment, we’ll create a security architecture plan that enables you to quickly prepare and respond to data vulnerabilities and threats. We help keep all vital information in the hands of those who need it – and never to those who don’t.

Step 2. Security and Safety

  • Opportunities & Challenges

    Cyber security incidents are a growing threat, especially to the healthcare industry with so many different parties (patients, doctors, providers, etc.) needing network access to use the same infrastructure. Hospitals require healthcare IT solutions and cyber security plans that are 100% proactive and future-proofed. With the digitization of patient health records, there is an increased risk of health information being compromised.

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    New security measures and a strategic approach are necessary to reduce these risks. CNI’s approach to cyber security enables you to build a sustainable, risk-centric foundation for implementing proactive and measurable security programs. CNI stays with you all the way, delivering the optimal healthcare IT solutions to keep your data secure.

Step 3. Integration and Infrastructure

  • Opportunities & Challenges

    A hospital’s patient satisfaction can often rely on its network infrastructure. Today, hospitals are facing the difficult challenge of meeting the growing demand for seamless and mobile solutions of their network. Old legacy designs were not built to handle the amount of high traffic volume that mobile apps demand today. Healthcare organizations require innovative healthcare IT solutions to keep up with new demand.

  • Your CNI Solution

    Today’s mobile campus can grant appropriate network access to provide the highest level of security and patient privacy. CNI can help you find healthcare IT solutions that create a robust and engaging healthcare experience for everyone. Our solutions will provide a secure mobility network that is dependable and accommodates a scalable number of users, devices, and applications.

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