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BayCare’s Prescription for Protecting Healthcare IoT

Healthcare system uses IoT Security to speed up prevention.

  • Solution: Palo Alto Networks IoT Security
  • Industry: Healthcare
  • Use Case: Secure unprotected IoT and IoMT devices.

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Boosting Resident-Centered Care with Aruba Mobile-First Network Slashes Wi-Fi Help Desk Calls by 95%

Reduced resident healthcare recordkeeping time by a third.

  • Solution: Aruba Indoor & Outdoor APs, switches, ClearPass, AirWave
  • Industry: Healthcare
  • Use Case: Boost the health, safety and well-being of long-term care residents by mobilizing staff and resident experiences with modern, unified, reliable and future-proof wireless and wired network infrastructure while eliminating dozens of hours of troubleshooting time.

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U.S. Healthcare Organization Locks Down Over 1 Million Exposed Folders in Under 8 Weeks

Global access reduced by 82% in less than 8 weeks.

  • Solution: Varonis
  • Industry: Healthcare
  • Use Case: Automatically find and fix exposed HIPAA, PCI, PHI, and PII data with Varonis.

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Health Insurance Provider Eliminates Security Blind Spots

Health insurance provider upgrades network monitoring and security infrastructure to safeguard medical records and sensitive personal information.

  • Solution: Series 4000 and IntellaFlex XR Visibility Solutions, IntelliStore by APCON
  • Industry: Healthcare
  • Use Case: Health insurance provider upgrades network monitoring and security infrastructure

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Network Upgrade Improves Student Experience at Marywood University

CNI & HPE Aruba Networking execute a multi-phase project to overhaul this Pennsylvania university’s wireless & wired infrastructure.

  • Solution: Aruba AirWave with HPE IMC, Aruba Access Points, Aruba ClearPass, Aruba Switches, Aruba Mobility Controller
  • Industry: Higher Education
  • Use Case: Enhance the student and staff experience with seamless Wi-Fi/Wired infrastructure throughout campus. Increased bandwidth with upgraded infrastructure could now support demand for eSports.
  • Video

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CNI Supports Hempfield School District in Network Upgrade

School district opts for complete network infrastructure upgrade after hands-on fabric workshop.

  • Solution: ExtremeSwitching, Extreme’s Technical Assistance Center (TAC)
  • Industry: K-12 Education
  • Use Case: State of the Art Fabric Network

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McMinn County School System Reduced Network Complexity and Total Cost of Ownership

School system struggled to provide reliable connectivity. Extreme provided the solution.

  • Solution: ExtremeSwitching, ExtremeManagement ExtremeWireless, ExtremeControl, ExtremeAnalytics
  • Industry: Education
  • Use Case: Streamline the network with a complete solution to help reduce TCO and time on task.

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School Buses Bring Wi-Fi to South Bend Students & Residents During COVID-19 Pandemic

District repurposes Cradlepoint-connected vehicles as internet hubs.

  • Solution: NetCloud Service for Mobile by Cradlepoint
  • Industry: K-12 Education
  • Use Case: COVID-19 response — community Wi-Fi

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Gigabit Wi-Fi Infrastructure Unifies and Secures Network for Top California School District

Aruba Wave 2 Gigabit Wi-Fi with AOS 8, ClearPass and AirWave enables academic excellence.

  • Solution: Aruba Wave 2 Gigabit Wi-Fi with AOS 8, ClearPass and AirWave
  • Industry: Education
  • Use Case: Modern WLAN for sprawling campus and BYOD

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University Gains Visibility Into Newly Upgraded Network

Performance and security for faculty and students makes monitoring infrastructure necessary.

  • Solution: IntellaStore, Intellaflex, TitanXR by APCON
  • Industry: Education
  • Use Case: Upgraded network needed monitoring plan

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Network Upgrade at Humble Independent School District Sets Students Up for Success

District aims to make technology an enabler of education. Extreme delivers the solutions.

  • Solution: ExtremeSwitching, Extreme Management Center, ExtremeMobility
  • Industry: Education
  • Use Case: Establishing a reliable, fast, easy-to-manage network for teachers and students.

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Sight & Sound Theatres® Enhances Network Visibility & Functionality with Extreme Networks Fabric

Established and sustained effective communication and network consistency between multiple locations.

  • Solution: Extreme Networks Fabric, Extreme Universal Switching, 5520 series and 5540 series
  • Industry: Media/Entertainment
  • Use Case: State-of-the-Art Fabric Network & Increased Data Capacity

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Major Insurer Secures LAN and WAN Edges with Fortinet Secure SD-WAN and SD-Branch

Implement a holistic solution, which encompasses security, LAN, and WAN performance, that can be managed as a single system.

  • Solution: Fortinet Secure SD-WAN and SD-Branch
  • Industry: Insurance
  • Use Case: The same security and management leveraged for SD-WAN can be extended to the LAN access layer at every branch using Fortinet Secure SD-Branch.

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Online Lender Maximizes Wi-Fi Performance and Management with Aruba Central and Aruba Instant Access Points

Enable the IT team to monitor Wi-Fi performance and generate real-time reports.

  • Solution: Aruba Instant Access Points and Aruba Central
  • Industry: Financial Services
  • Use Case: Address Wi-Fi performance and connectivity issues throughout Balboa Capital’s 28,000-square-foot office headquarters, which is located on the top two floors of a 12-story contemporary office building, and provide the company’s IT team with a cloud-based system that simplifies the deployment, management, and reporting processes related to Wi-Fi devices.

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SD-WAN Edge Platform Helps Leading Law Firm Improve Efficiency and Client Experience

Replace single-carrier MPLS network with all-broadband SD-WAN for more reliable access to cloud and data center applications.

  • Solution: Aruba EdgeConnect
  • Industry: Commercial
  • Use Case: Multi-location SD-WAN

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Close Visibility Gaps and Optimize Existing Security Infrastructure in VMware Deployments.

IntellaTap-VM use cases.

  • Solution: IntellaTap-VM by APCON
  • Industry: Commercial
  • Use Case: Deploy IntellaTap-VM agents to monitor your VMware network traffic.

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Global Financial Corporation Upgrades Network and Security Monitoring

Financial industry remains a target for cyber threats with potentially high rewards for persistent attackers.

  • Solution: Series 4000 Packet Broker, Titan XR, IntellaStore by APCON
  • Industry: Commercial
  • Use Case: Network monitoring and security upgrades for vulnerable financial services industry

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Innovative Multi-Agency Wi-Fi Bus Proof of Concept Delivers Connectivity to Digital Deserts Using Aruba SD-Branch Gateways, Wi-Fi and Central

The California State Transportation Agency (CalSTA), the City of Sacramento and the Sacramento Regional Transit District (SacRT) teamed up to turn 10 public transit buses into free wireless super-hotspots during a 60-day proof of concept that delivered daily high-speed internet access to digital desert communities across Sacramento.

  • Solution: Aruba SD-Branch Gateways, Wi-Fi and Central
  • Industry: Government
  • Use Case: Bring access to communities with limited high-speed internet access during the COVID-19 pandemic, and beyond, by turning public transit buses into free wireless super-hotspots for a proof of concept to promote opportunities for distance learning, telework and telehealth.

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Philadelphia Advances Smart City Vision With All-Juniper Network

The city needed to continue to scale the citywide network to support city operations and constituent services.

  • Solution: MX Series Routing; access points; wifi and wired assurance; EX, QFX, and SRX switches; Space Security Director by Juniper
  • Industry: Government
  • Use Case: Delivering digital city services with Juniper solutions

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Government & Military Client Increases Speed of Network Testing Environments

Requiring faster, smarter, and more intelligent equipment to increase the speed of network testing environments, a physical layer switch technology was provided.

  • Solution: APCON Titan
  • Industry: Government
  • Use Case: Customer needed to build and implement numerous network testing environments and easily change the network infrastructure setup at the push of a button

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Visibility Across Network Environments Critical to Government Cybersecurity

The APCON solution provides the federal agency with numerous methods to reduce traffic loads for data mining, by optimizing traffic being sent to network and security analysis tools using filtering, load balancing, and deduplication. For this federal agency’s needs, the most important feature was deduplication at up to 200 Gbps.

  • Solution: APCON TitanXR, APCON IntellaFlex XR
  • Industry: Government
  • Use Case: New data center visibility, 10G monitoring, centralized management for government agency

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  • “Our ability to offer a state-of-the-art infrastructure is one of the top three requirements students look for in their institutions. Thanks to our ongoing partnership with Aruba and CNI, I am confident saying we can provide that and remain competitive both now and in the future. For that reason, Marywood benefits from this relationship every day. And I am grateful they are our partners.”

    – Marywood University, Wendy Yankelitis, Vice President of Operations

  • “CNI was there for us every time we had any sort of implementation question or issue. They were the perfect bridge between us and our Extreme technology.”

    – Sight & Sound Theatres®, Rob Taylor, Director of Information Technology

  • “The purchasing process with CNI has to have been one of the most painless purchase/financings in years! Thanks for helping us pull this together.”

    – CarePoint Health, Richard Sarli, Interim Chief Financial Officer

  • “When you work with CNI Sales, you gain an attentive business partner who will actively take part in listening, developing and providing a solution that meets your needs.”

    – Kutztown University of PA, Josh Heller, Manager of Network Technologies

  • “My first introduction to CNI was 25 years ago, while a 3Com Field Engineer assigned to a customer site in Exton PA, when we discovered that we needed multiple 3Com Frame Relay Routers, yesterday! The customer made one phone call to Roger of CNI. I kid you not, Roger put them in his car and drove them out to site! No paperwork, no purchase order, no hassle! And no one seemed surprised, except me. Here was a man that truly put the customer first.

    “About 5 years later, I had taken an ITS Director position at Widener University, overseeing the network. We had just replaced the 3Com network with Nortel and I was struggling with the hassle of paperwork and purchase orders that took weeks to obtain from Nortel. Nothing seemed easy until one day, when Roger called me and asked if we could do lunch. He had no idea what I was dealing with, he just wanted to see how I was doing. He introduced me to Tim Slattery, who could not have made my life any easier! Quotes were done in hours, not weeks. Orders were shipped, with only my word that it would be paid for. And when we needed other networking products, it was CNI that brought the experts to us.

    “In a recent Zoom Meeting, with Covid wearing everyone down, Tom Kirk’s opening statement could not have been better! The first words out of his mouth were “How are you doing?” That sums up CNI. A relationship that is focused on the people. CNI is not a company, it is a family. And I am very lucky to have been a member!”

    – Widener University, Perry Drayfahl, Director of Technology Resources, ITS

  • “When you think of Aruba Pennsylvania, you think of CNI. The Aruba/CNI relationship is one that dates back to Aruba’s early days, as CNI was an early adopter of Aruba and they have stuck by ever since. CNI has always been a go-to partner for Aruba, an extension of our team. Not only are their dedicated engineers some of the top in the industry, but CNI’s sellers represent Aruba’s core values of Customer First, Customer Last.”

    – HPE Aruba Networking, Danielle Haim, Channel Account Manager

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